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17 Posts

Posted - 04/05/2006 :  02:11:23 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have a nephew in his early 20's who has stuttered for as long as I've known him (since he was around 12). He's a child from a previous marriage my sister-in-law had. I stuttered for a relatively brief time (less than a year) as a child but "grew out of it", for lack of a better term. Since I can partially relate to some of the frustration my nephew must feel, I've done a fair amount of reading on the subject and various approaches.

Anyway, I was wanting some suggestions for referals of professional hypnotists that are still in practice (obviously) and have had real results with several clients in this issue and could also provide references of people they've helped upon request. This is not a "Does hypnosis work for stuttering?" question. I realize that it can and has in many cases and that it's important for a hypnotist to answer "yes" to a question like that when asked by the client. What I want to know, is are there any hypnotist's around (regardless of location) who have a track record and experience that stands out in this area? I can do Google searches too and have found good information that way so I'm more interested in personal knowledge of your or someone else's good results.

Due to the reading I've done on this topic so far, I have some beliefs about it, but I am very open to any perspectives about stuttering if anyone has any comments. My belief so far is that for my nephew, a speech therapist which he is seeing now, may indeed be helpful and one useful angle to target, but that it might akin to looking for ways to disconnect the engine light on your car when there is a problem with the motor that needs addressed. In other words, my feeling is that a speech therapist might be good for finding ways to compensate for an issue (which is not a bad idea), but the underlying issue will still be there and have to be continually compensated for in the longterm (I'm more than happy to be wrong though). So of course, addressing the underlying issue as well would be ideal. Though I don't know of the details, I do know my nephew's biological father was definately not up for any "father of the year" awards, so I do have a strong feeling that "regressing to cause" to look for any specific instance or related instances by someone who has already had success with this in their practice would be worth a shot. I am far from "married" to this perspective though, so I'm open to and appreciate any comments.

Thank you in advance and thanks for reading :-)

Edited by - imagine-now on 04/05/2006 1:56:13 PM


17 Posts

Posted - 04/05/2006 :  02:16:08 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Here are a few additional comments that aren't very essential that I'm seperating from the main post in the interest of more brevity:

I believe stuttering is an issue that is a very good test for any kind of therapy/therapist. If there haven't been any significant results, the claim that "the client really doesn't want to change" is a lot weaker than it might be for something like smoking or overreating. Even for those latter issues, I think that claim is often overrused since many people come to professionals for help in the first place because they want help in getting more leverage over themselves. In other words, they *want* to want to change, which essentially means they want to change.

A perspective that is aligned with my own current understanding of stuttering as a child and *I suspect* that of my nephews' is one found in Chapter 16 of Dave Elman's great book "Hypnotherapy". I wanted to quote a large chunk of that chapter for this posting for people to reference, but it was enough that it may be skating the line regarding copyright issues so I'll refrain.

The Dave Elman book I mentioned is essential reading for anyone with more than a passing interest in hypnosis and can be purchased at the following URL (I'm not affiliated with this or profit from it in any way):

Edited by - imagine-now on 04/05/2006 1:56:45 PM
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305 Posts

Posted - 04/05/2006 :  3:11:48 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Congratulations, an excellent post full of details, and not making statemtents about what the treatment should be, I will treat it as such. First, I have no idea what Elman said, since I haven't read a book on hypnosis for years now, so forgive me if I am repeating what is already known. According to some writers, stuttering is the crying of the subconcious mind,perhaps this idea is valid. I know that it is not possible to stutter when singing. Has the prospective client been seen by a doctor, and checked for breathing pattern? Some will tell you that faulty breathing is a possible problem, again, a likely possibility. As to who can treat the problem, I have no idea, but I will restrict my comments to hypnotherapy. Regression is one possibility, but not the only one, and I would preffer not to do that until other avenues have been tried. Asking the subconcious would be my first choice of treatment. No discussion of the problem should be done before treatment, and proof that stuttering can be controlled by singing is a very valid pretreatment if the client can be persuaded to sing. Why hold back on regression? Well, often a client is unwilling to blame a relative regardless of how poor a relative they have been, and this could cause a barrier to develop between therapist and client unless other methods have been tried and failed first. Beyond this, I would depend on the chosen therapist, and not pin restrictions on them from the start.
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United Kingdom
445 Posts

Posted - 04/05/2006 :  3:26:31 PM  Show Profile  Visit mark-gil's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Imagine now---Traditionally, Speech Pathologists are taught that stuttering/stammering cannot be fully overcome but only modified with techniques such as tongue "thrusting" etc. but many years ago, I challenged those ideas and have successfully cured nine severe stammerers and stutterers. I have five complete case histories on videotape and follow-up interviews years later. Although no one can guarantee perfect results, I feel that my experiences in this area qualify me as an "expert" with this difficulty. Contact me at
505-820-0844 to see if we can arrange mutual availability.
PS. This is a complex subject and will not respond to hypnotic suggestions alone. I will not debate this issue or answer further questions about it on this forum.
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21 Posts

Posted - 04/05/2006 :  7:54:37 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I heard that Wendell Johnson (general semanticist) cured stuttering by getting the person to stutter on purpose thus gaining self control over the process.
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