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Posted - 05/30/2003 :  03:00:36 AM  Show Profile  Visit ForumMaster's Homepage  Reply with Quote
From: eric_nc_mo (Original Message) Sent: 2/25/2001 9:24 AM

Looking for a good hypnotherapy school I can take distant learning. I want one that is accredited. Any suggestions?


669 Posts

Posted - 05/30/2003 :  03:01:12 AM  Show Profile  Visit ForumMaster's Homepage  Reply with Quote
From: HypnoDoc Sent: 7/24/2001 4:19 PM

See the database of Hypnosis Training Schools online at www.HypnosisOnline.com to find one in your area of the world.

Hope this helps,

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669 Posts

Posted - 05/30/2003 :  03:01:36 AM  Show Profile  Visit ForumMaster's Homepage  Reply with Quote
From: Toni Sent: 2/27/2001 7:12 PM

I hope it will help you:

Good Luck!!!!
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669 Posts

Posted - 05/30/2003 :  03:01:51 AM  Show Profile  Visit ForumMaster's Homepage  Reply with Quote
From: mindmjk Sent: 5/27/2001 6:47 PM

Hi, hypnotherapy is a wonderful occupation! I would also check with the National Guild of Hypnotists. They are one of the oldest hypnosis organizations and they have been so helpful to me. Their email address is ngh@ngh.net or call them at (603) 429-9438. Good luck!
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3 Posts

Posted - 06/05/2004 :  5:21:58 PM  Show Profile  Visit JenBurgess's Homepage  Reply with Quote
If you are still looking for a great distance learning program, check out this site www.excelcenter.com. Or contact me at 1-403-663-9360 for more information.
Originally posted by ForumMaster

From: eric_nc_mo (Original Message) Sent: 2/25/2001 9:24 AM

Looking for a good hypnotherapy school I can take distant learning. I want one that is accredited. Any suggestions?

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12 Posts

Posted - 01/17/2005 :  6:48:23 PM  Show Profile  Visit countdevio's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Take the best 'hands-on' performance orientated hypnosis course
on the market. I'm certified by every national institution ... but
the truth is, there's very little practice ... Not in this one though.

The Society of Applied Hypnosis - http://www.society-of-applied-hypnosis.com
or go to Mark Cunningham's site - http://www.trucor.com

John Petrocelli
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4 Posts

Posted - 01/26/2005 :  8:22:25 PM  Show Profile  Visit Doc's Homepage  Reply with Quote
There are in fact accedited schools on hypnosis/hypnotherapy but some will not admit it as they do not have accreditaion. Try The National Board... for a world renowned hypnosis orgnization and a great education. www.hypnosiseducation.com
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John D

United Kingdom
34 Posts

Posted - 03/28/2005 :  04:03:24 AM  Show Profile  Visit John D's Homepage  Reply with Quote
It's true that many universities offering degree programs in hypnotherapy claim to be accredited. However, if you search a little deeper you'll find that their "accreditation" comes from unrecognized (sometimes even bogus) "accrediting" agencies. In some instances, universities set up their own "accrediting" agencies which they use to accredit themselves. As you understand, this type of "accreditation" is useless and it is worse than no accreditation at all.
There is one university though, perhaps, at present, the only one in the world, that offers full programs in Psychotherapy/Hypnotherapy that lead to Nationally Accredited degrees. This is Athenaeum University International, http://www.unicollege-edu.net. Athenaeum is a fully licensed international university approved and listed by UNESCO. Its administrative headquarters are in Panama, but it has a fully incorporated branch in the UK. Athenaeum is also empowered to issue, along with its degrees, European Union Diploma Supplements which are extremely helpful in having a degree recognized and accepted around the world, particularly in Europe.
However, the most important thing is that Athenaeum University has been for years an online course provider for a number of fully accredited universities. This means that Athenaeum's students have the option to graduate with a dual degree, that is, one from Athenaeum (plus the European Diploma Supplement) and one from the affiliated fully accredited university.

John D

John S. Dovelos, Ph.D.
Athenaeum University International
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Brian David Phillips

5 Posts

Posted - 04/01/2005 :  05:38:46 AM  Show Profile  Visit Brian David Phillips's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by John D

It's true that many universities offering degree programs in hypnotherapy claim to be accredited. However, if you search a little deeper you'll find that their "accreditation" comes from unrecognized (sometimes even bogus) "accrediting" agencies. In some instances, universities set up their own "accrediting" agencies which they use to accredit themselves. As you understand, this type of "accreditation" is useless and it is worse than no accreditation at all.

This is correct. I strongly agree that this sort of incestuous self-accrediting is in fact much worse than no accreditation at all as in many cases the consumer is not aware that their so-called degree or certification program is bogus (those that claim accreditation where no legitimate outside accrediting agency recognized by the local Board of Regents are - to my mind - engaging in a form of fraud or consumer cheating, no matter how "technically" they stay within the letter of the law . . . the implication and intent to defraud or claim to be more than they are is quite clear).

I would admit from the get-go that I have an academic bias. I teach doctoral, masters, and undergraduate courses at a worldclass university. However, one does NOT need a PhD or even a MA/MS or even a BA to practice hypnosis. It is an unregulated profession. Those who sell unacreddited degrees are preying on folks who may not realize they are being given a piece of paper that gives no solid professional qualification. Those who knowingly use an unaccredited degree in hypnosis in order to imply legitimacy beyond what the paper really represents are defrauding the public (my PhD is the real deal but as it is not in hypnosis or psychotherapy or the like I very clearly inform my clients and students of that fact . . . my university students call me Dr. Phillips as that is my academic title in a formal university context (my doctorate is in Comparative Literature with a dissertation on Interactive Drama), but not my clients are well-informed that I am not a psychologist or a medical practitioner and that I don't need to be in order to practice hypnosis or hypnotherapy). Different certifying agencies or organizations within the hypnosis community may have different standards for certifying members - some are just trying to get members to pay fees and renewal dues regardless of actual skill levels while others are out to ensure that the folks who stick their piece of parchment on the wall actually have the competence and knowledge to use the skills their course implies.

As I teach graduate level courses in education methods for working teachers (folks who must have been working professional teachers for a minimum of four years with many having ten to fifteen years of classroom experience under their belts), competence training is a big deal to me as are effective methods for classroom instruction that are informative and lively while imparting skills.

When a group of colleagues asked me to headup an organization in my neck of the woods, I made it clear that our instructional model would not be all lecture but would be based upon Lecture (explain technique) + Demo (demonstrate) + Debrief (take questions and answer them on the demo and technique) + Practice (supervised student practice with multiple partnets) + Debrief (discuss practice sessions) + More Practice or Public Demonstation by Students with Feedback (depends on technique) with a final exam based upon theoretical knowledge as well as an actual live demonstration of advanced competence in all the major skills and processes. It's a pretty strong competence-based training model and works very effectively . . . not too heavy on lecture sacrificing skills nor so skills-based the theory and understanding behind the process get lost.

Before taking a course, find out about the instructor and look for information about the course that comes from sources not on the school's website. I guarantee that all of the testimony and feedback listed on my webpages about my trainings will be glowing . . . I have yet to see a hypnotist with anything but great feedback on their own sites (a number of them actually copy their feedback from other people's websites as one well known trainer was recently found out on another forum). The trick is to find what other people say about the course in forums other than those controlled by the trainer. You can also ask directly about the credentials, experience, and so-called certifications or accrediting organizations.

Watch out for folks making claims they can't back up or that can't be verified from the outside. I live in Taiwan and know of two hypnosis training "schools" that offer "university approved credit from US universities towards advanced degrees in hypnotherapy" . . . the thing is that the US universities don't even exist. The local schools post their names and describe them in Chinese knowing the local consumer won't check into the legitimacy of the courses or the accuracy of the information. One very well known - actually, very famous - local hypnotist claims to have received his hypnosis doctorate from UCLA . . . hmmm, for those of you in California, how many Hyp. PhDs do you know from UCLA? The truth of the matter is the fellow got lived near UCLA for a couple years while living abroad and started (but did NOT finish) a course at HMI but the local consumer doesn't check the "foreign" information on his site. One local organization is an "international chapter" of a US-based org. that doesn't exist. The local Taiwanese principals knew that an "American" organization would have more prestige than a local one, giving the impression of more rigor. I have seem similar and much worse examples of this sort of thing in the US and elsewhere.

So . . . when it comes to your training . . . CAVEAT EMPTOR . . . Buyer Beware.

It doesn't really matter how long the training is as long as it imparts real skills that you can put to use and that those skills are up to the task for the outcome advertised. However, if it looks like someone may be trying to make claims that are grandiose or larger than life or trying to pull the wool over your eyes or hoodwink you . . . then, keep on walkin' . . . there are plenty of ethical trainers out there who give you the skills you need and want . . . don't waste your time with the blowhards, braggars, and windbags. You don't NEED to have a PhD to be a hypnotist . . . if you wish to go into a good strong training program that is unaccredited because you've heard good things about the program, then do so . . . but don't let anyone (or, even yourself) tell you it is anything but the information and skills you are getting from the training.

As to distance learning. There are some good programs . . . none that are genuinely fully accredited in meaningful terms (clinical degrees usually require residency and clinical supervision which is very very rare for a distance course). However, since you don't NEED to be accredited, check into a distance course with excellent feedback from others. You want it to be more comprehensive than one or two videotapes and you want a full exam that is actually graded (not thrown in the bin and certified once the check is cashed - we are all aware of the story of the cat that received NGH certification).

The REAL TRICK to distance learning is not the certification, accredited or not, but in the actual learning and that requires that you do more than just read the books and handouts or watch the videos. It means you actually have to practice the skills. An in-person class is so much easier to learn and master skills as you have classmates to do the supervised practice with and the teacher is there to help correct skill development . . . if you're going it alone, you must find folks to practice with (in an appropriate context). Don't go doing advanced methods on your uncle's nephew's second cousin twice removed until you have mastered the basic techniques (and even then, for advanced modes, I strongly suggest you get some supervised training).

If it's just not possible to get in-person training, then you need to have folks to learn with . . . perhaps a study or practice group would be appropriate . . . a group of like-minded folks interested in practicing the skills they are or have learned with one another in an informal but helpful context.

Rant out.

I hope this has been helpful.

All the best,

Brian David Phillips, PhD, CH [phillips@nccu.edu.tw]
Executive Director, International Applied Trance Society
Certified Hypnotherapist
Associate Professor, NCCU, Taipei, Taiwan

Edited by - Brian David Phillips on 04/01/2005 05:57:44 AM
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22 Posts

Posted - 05/07/2005 :  3:36:09 PM  Show Profile  Visit DesElms's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by mark-gil
Anyone can create an organization and offer home study diplomas, degrees and certifications. Hypnotherapy is an unregulated profession. Some organisations set standards for self-regulation by their members. However, if a member breaks the rules, or behaves in an unethical way, all that an organization can do is revoke the certification. The hypnotist continues practicing with no oversight. Become an informed consumer, Investigate before you invest.
Given the high quality of this advice, I'm disappointed by the following statement that preceded it:
    "The[re] is no accredited school of hypnotherapy anywhere in the world."
While this statement is, as a practical matter, very nearly true, it is, nevertheless, technically and categorically inaccurate. More in a moment...

Originally posted by Doc
There are in fact accedited schools on hypnosis/hypnotherapy but some will not admit it as they do not have accreditaion.
I think you're saying that the unaccredited schools, because they're not accredited, won't admit that there even are any accredited schools. Is that what you mean? If so, then yes, that's probably true. However, I'm betting that you're not defining "accredited" in the same way that I do... as explained below.

Originally posted by Doc
Try The National Board... for a world renowned hypnosis orgnization and a great education. www.hypnosiseducation.com
This is, by no stretch of the imagination, an "accredited" hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy (or NLP) education either. It may or may not be inherently credible and of high quality... I'm making no judgement or statement about that here. I'm merely making it painfully clear that the training obtainable on the "National Board" site is not "accredited." I also question by what authority the "National Board" calls itself that, but that's a posting (and argument) for another thread.

Originally posted by John D
It's true that many universities offering degree programs in hypnotherapy claim to be accredited. However, if you search a little deeper you'll find that their "accreditation" comes from unrecognized (sometimes even bogus) "accrediting" agencies. In some instances, universities set up their own "accrediting" agencies which they use to accredit themselves. As you understand, this type of "accreditation" is useless and it is worse than no accreditation at all.
How true; and how curious and odd it is that this sage advice comes from a diploma mill operator such as yourself.

EDIT/ADDENDUM (5/24/2005): Someone -- a wise and fair-minded moderator and/or the administrator here, no doubt -- has edited the above link which purports itself to be to information about "Dr." Dovelos so that it now points to a discussion about accreditation here in which I was involved. So that the reader will not be confused, Dovelos had, in my opinion, spammed these forums with several identical postings about his hypnosis school, and I, in turn, followed him around to all those threads and posted a warning to the readers about him. I did so as what I considered to be a public service so that no one would be harmed by him and his diploma mill. The moderator/administrator here then sent me a private email saying that s/he understood what I was trying to do, but that I shouldn't do effectively the same thing by posting the same warning in all those threads. I didn't respond because I knew that s/he probably didn't know what s/he was dealing with with Dovelos, et al... so I just waited for his groupies to come here and attack me for what I had done. And, sure enough, they did. People in his world who operate or are sympathetic to diploma mills and who are frequent posters to forums elsewhere on the Web where diploma mills and accredited-versus-unaccredited school arguments are routinely made then followed me into those same threads here and posted the nastiest and most repugnant things about me that they could think of... which was no surprise since that's the immature game they play; and which I knew would help the moderator/administrator here finally see what I was talking about. So, then, without my requesting it, some very wise moderator (or perhaps the administrator) here figured out what was happening and deleted the whole bunch of it and edited a couple of my posts here so that my Dovelos links pointed to the thread where I addressed accreditation in general. And because that's really what it's all about, my hat's off to whatever moderator and/or the administrator here who did that. Very smart. At least now the reader has facts and is not being misled (or risks being harmed) by a provable and notorious diploma mill operator. Thank you, so much, Mr. Moderator and/or Administrator, for your thoughtfulness and ability to see what was really going on, and then the wisdom of your resulting acts. There are many forums on the Web, some with no moderation at all, some with bad moderation, and some with quite good moderation. This one, I can now see, falls into the latter category. People who post here who haven't experienced a wide-open, anything-goes forum where the moderation is either bad or non-existent should consider themselves very fortunate, indeed, for the wisdom of the moderators/administrator here. I know I am. Thanks, again.

Gregg L. DesElms

Veritas nihil veretur nisi abscondi.
Veritas nimium altercando amittitur.

Edited by - DesElms on 05/24/2005 8:13:09 PM
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669 Posts

Posted - 07/14/2005 :  01:26:29 AM  Show Profile  Visit ForumMaster's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Note from Moderators:

Just because we clean up some of the messages in the forum so they are not redundant does not mean we agree or disagree with the contents therein. Our moderation is done to keep individuals from spamming the forum with blatant advertising posts and to keep any trolls from camping out and attacking each other. If we see this type of activity we can remove and ban people after they have had a fair warning. Happily, we have only had to do this a few times.

Anyone who posts the same content over and over again, either as a new post or in reply, will get the "same" email warning from us that we send to everyone, telling them to not post redundant text but instead to use links to point to the place where they may have already covered the point they are trying to make. Occasionally we will edit posts to add these "links" in order to clean up areas that are wordy or redundant and again, this does not mean we agree or disagree with the statements. So thanks for the "hats off" but we were only doing a bit of house cleaning by creating a link back to an identical post - not making any statements. We leave that up to the readers to decide.


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"250+ Scripts for Hypnosis Therapy."
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