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669 Posts

Posted - 05/30/2003 :  02:46:03 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Lindsay (Original Message) Sent: 4/18/2001 7:41 AM

The patient has lung cancer. Never smoked a cigarette in her life. Very ill in hospital last week after a course of pain killing drugs & took several days to recover after coming off the medication. Specialist said that she is allergic to all pain killing drugs, except panadol. Now living at home. Husband & daughter supported her from the car into the room.

First session [last week]
[a] Electroacupuncture to relieve pain & coughing & improve Qi circulation -
[b] Hypnotherapy for chronic pain, anxiety, fear & to build confidence.
[c] Self-hypnosis - [ homework to look for the blue of sea & sky & enjoy being at the beach] ,
[d] Shiatsu & Chinese Acupressure to relief pain & improve the Qi flow - with instruction on several points to rub & press.
[e] Seated Qigong - following the breath & focusing on the soles & palms when exhaling to disperse pain, frustration & any other thoughts & feelings.

Second session [today] reported that she was pain-free until yesterday & had a "niggle' now. Also that she had enjoyed going to the beach in her mind especially as she had been an excellent swimmer in her youth. Some coughing at the beginning of the session. A dry cough. She said that previously her cough was full of mucus. Used electroacupuncture briefly to stop the coughing. Homework today -keep doing Self-Hypnosis & Qigong - "whenever you want to or need to." To try Standing Pole Qigong for a few seconds at a time if she feels up to it & to jiggle on the balls of her feet to stimulate the "bubbling well point."


669 Posts

Posted - 05/30/2003 :  02:46:25 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Tuner Sent: 4/22/2001 7:46 AM

Hi Linsay!

Are you comfortable with regression work?

I don't want to give you tons of advice only to have it be outside your scope of practice.

There is a reason not every hypnotist is healing cancer on demand even though most all get temporary gains and dramatic symptom relief for their clients. I'd be happy to explain it if you are interested.


Steve Parkhill, Author
Answer Cancer, The Healing of a Nation
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669 Posts

Posted - 05/30/2003 :  02:46:41 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Lindsay Sent: 4/22/2001 4:07 PM

Thanks for your reply Steve, & the email. My first priority was pain management. Regression is probably the way to go from here & I am very interested in any specific ideas you may have. "S" said to me that she had observed the doctor ticking the box for 3 months when he requested home help for her & she thought that she had been sent home to die. She said she has spots on both lungs, a large area on the lower right side which is the main source of pain. "S" had a dry cough at the beginning of the last session & was meekly apologetic for that - as if she was somehow being a nuisance - I took that as a clue & have been observing her body language very carefully - waking & in trance. Regression could well be the next step. Qigong, walking qigong especially is taught extensively in China to cancer patients. Thankyou very much for your interest in this case.
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669 Posts

Posted - 05/30/2003 :  02:49:41 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Tuner Sent: 4/24/2001 9:20 AM

Hi Lindsay,

That clue you caught was spot on.

Here is the essence of my work. I believe that the cancer is not the mind/body connection running amuck. The disease is the mind/body connection working perfectly. The single most powerful goal-achieving agency known to man has been programmed for some kind of self mutilation or self limitation, and the cancer is only the tool that mind is using to get the job accomplished.

Next is to remember that the client consciously, and the healer professionally, know nothing . . . and that the client's subconscious mind knows everything.

I believe that, contrary to many new age assumptions, negative emotions don't kill. But that ANY emotions trapped inside do. In simplest terms, I've seen joy kill when trapped inside and not expressed. From this understanding, I believe that hypnosis for pain management does more to kill than heal cancer. Ouch, huh?

In simplist terms, if it's a technology that helps mask or avoid the true calling for the disease, the activity will help breed the disease. If the technology used helps the client face and release that which they've been holding on to and avoiding for all the years, it's healing.

To get this accomplished, the works goes:

Pre-talk to express the theory, hence setting the stage.

Rapid induction.

Amplify any ache, pain, lump or bump ("you have a feeling inside yourself that you don't like. You've tried running from it, hiding from it, numbing and avoiding it. This time you are going to face it. As I {I like counts} count from one to five, that feeling grows more real than ever. At the count of 5 you face the feeling more than you've ever been willing to before.")

Whatever the response at the end of the count, regress off of it. ("Now your only job is to focus on that feeling. As you do I count from 10 down to one. . . your mind follows that feeling like a thread back in time to a scene, situation, or event that has everything to do with that feeling. At the count of one you find yourself in the first event of significance to that feeling.")

Exorcize the emotions trapped in the events uncovered.

Change perception.


Positive suggestions (The step everyone wants to just skip to. To those I say this: love and forgiveness make a lousy whitewash; but make a great filler. Meaning, take deeply rooted callings for self mutilation, and positive suggestion will, if showing any temporary relief at all, quickly yield to a worsening of pain and condition. Tear those trapped emotions and inner callings for mutilation out by the roots, and use the positive suggestion to fill the void created via the release, and the same positive suggestions aid in true healing.)

Return client to current time and have him/her assess physical condition. Take what still hurts, or is stiff, hardened, whatever, and regress again. Following the same procedure.

Return and assess.

Repeat until nothing is left off of which to regress.

Slightly over simplified, but not by much!

...make any sense?

Steve Parkhill, author

Answer Cancer, The Healing of a Nation

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669 Posts

Posted - 05/30/2003 :  02:50:03 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Lindsay Sent: 4/24/2001 6:01 PM

Thank you very much for your timely reply Steve.

I expect to see "S" again today. In our first session I did something in line with what you outlined. I asked "S" to take a small torch light with her & swim up to & into the centre of the pain, through it and out the other side to a quiet place where she would feel calm & serene. [She was an excellent swimmer in her youth.]
While she was following my suggestions she had anguish written all over her face for several minutes. I waited still & silent observing carefully during that process.
When her face & body settled I asked her to take a breath & breathe the pain, frustration & any other impressions that came into her mind & body through the soles of her feet & far away. We continued focusing on the breathing for some time & I suggested that anytime that she needed to or wanted to she would remember to send any unwanted stuff out through her feet.
I also taught qigong so that she could 'heat' her hands up & place them on the area of pain [lower right abdomen] to "dissipate the stagnant Qi," & so reduce the pain.
I have printed out your reply & will re-read & consider your suggestions.
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669 Posts

Posted - 05/30/2003 :  02:50:27 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Hypnoman Sent: 5/6/2001 4:39 AM


It's nice to see you posting on this community.

Having read 'Answer Cancer', I have an understanding of the techniques and have been using them with clients with a good level of success for 21/2 years now. That's not to say that the clients have necessarily got better - although in a small number of cases they have. But the quality of life that they lead following therapy is amazing. All I can say is Thank You Steve for sharing these techniques with myself and others.

One day I will get to a seminar that you deliver - Please let me know when these are.

Lindsay, the advice Steve gives is top advice. He has been doing this work for years and is deemed to be one of the leading hypnotherapists that deal with this kind of work. His book 'Answer Cancer' is well worth the read.

Good Luck.


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669 Posts

Posted - 05/30/2003 :  02:50:41 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From: Gayle Sent: 5/6/2001 10:16 AM

I highly recommend you read Dr. Bernie Siegel's book (leading oncologist) .. "Love, Miracles and Medicine" .. Dr. Siegel's website is: http://www.ecap-online.org/ .. following the 'Resources' Link on his site, then 'Touchstar', then 'Products' will take you to a wonderful resource of recommended books, videos and software .. including effective visualizations for cancer patients, etc.
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162 Posts

Posted - 07/10/2003 :  7:15:20 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
More case studies on this topic would be most interesting
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1 Posts

Posted - 09/26/2004 :  11:22:01 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Why haven't those that have been here for longer than me recognized the POWER in the message of Steve Parkhill's book? Why is it out of print and not the main jewel and "text book" you all as hynotists are following or at least doing your best to duplicate? Who cares about this childs' play of weight loss and smoking and,....when someone has demonstated healing the most terminal and "uncurable" of disease? Why isn't the hypnosis community embracing the obvious uncovered in this book - "Answer Cancer"? I was a smoker and went to someone trained by Steve Parkhill. I went for other reasons of which I will spare you the details. After the regression, I stopped smoking without any effort and did not even realize I had until the end of the day.

I for one would like to get to the bottom of this. Perhaps there are enough respondants out there that we could, as a group take this art/science to the level it should be at - healing the way it is done in this book!

I thought joining this forum would give me a lead or two to go on, but all I have seen so far is ceilings that hypnotists have stopped at. What will it take to get this group of professionals to the next level?

Sorry, sometimes my responses are not so good when I've had too much to think...
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305 Posts

Posted - 09/28/2004 :  2:39:29 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hate to say it, but your responses are not so great, even when you haven't had too much to think.....
By what right do you have the audacity to tell others were they should put their time, effort, and money? Obviously you have put no thought at all into your post, and still it is insulting. Anthony..
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United Kingdom
4 Posts

Posted - 10/15/2004 :  4:38:03 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Maybe some people don't take up certain practice because they have critically evaluated research findings. I would hope that any proffessional would be able to carry out best practice based upon dissemination of research in particular areas. This being an art in itself and if not taken up as askill, the paractitioner could make mistakes. Its ignorance rather than insulting.
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305 Posts

Posted - 10/16/2004 :  01:37:30 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It certainly is ignorant, but insulting as well. Some of us practise ethics in what we do, and recognise that we have no right to enter into practise to "CURE" any medical problem, since we are not doctors.
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7 Posts

Posted - 03/30/2005 :  08:53:13 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Hello High Heels....as someone who has seen the effects of cancer in a very close family member I can understand your frustration. A way I look at it is to realise that the world needs `Binmen` as well, being that it is just as important that the so called rubbish is cleared up also.One change leads to many that we do not associate with the initial change, as your post reads.
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369 Posts

Posted - 04/02/2005 :  9:25:56 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Why haven't those that have been here for longer than me...

According to the profile - this person is 13 years old, has been in the forum since Sept. 21, 2004 and has only made this one post.

I don't think we need to take it too seriously.


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