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250+ Hypnotherapy Scripts on CD-ROM - Upgrade
Dr. James Squires, ACH (Editor) / Published February 2005

CD-ROM - Instant Download - 3-ring Binder pages

Now over 100 more reasons to say:

"Perhaps the only book of scripts           

    you will ever need for your practice!

This special upgrade version contains the full version of the new 250+ product.  

A collection of scripts, inductions, techniques, deepeners, convincers, suggestions, relaxation exercises, script related documents and therapies.  

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Three formats from which to choose:
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By Instant Download - Our Price: $ 27.95

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       Word file format - opens with Microsoft Word

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       Text file format - opens with plain text editors

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3 Ring Binder pages - Our Price: $59.95 (+ shipping)

100+ scripts in page format for your existing Binder

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