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3.0 Payment FAQs

3.0.5 Why don't you accept PayPal anymore?

Due to a changes in policy at PayPal we no longer accept PayPal payments.

We accept credit card payments directly through our own secure shopping cart program and it is far more secure then the PayPal system.

Since we have a strong secure transaction server set up we prefer to process credit cards through our own verification system in order to protect card holders from unauthorized use of their accounts.

The change in PayPal policy involves no longer requiring a PayPal Membership to use a credit card through their services. Since this change in policy, which most long term Members don’t realized has even happened, we have decided to no longer accept any payments from PayPal.

The entire thing that made PayPal secure was that businesses knew they were dealing with Members (people who had passed the bank account verification process) and that their credit card payment and balance transfer was based on a real verified account. Now with this new “pay before verification” system, anyone can use any credit card first and then be asked if they want to become a verified Member after the fact. This goes against everything that once made PayPal great and we feel it is a bad business decision on their part.

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