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Target Marketing

Advertising on the internet can be costly and most times miss it's target, your real audience.  HOL offers you the ability to put your product in front of Hypnosis Professionals and potential customers.

In this aspect it is not the Quantity but Quality of visitors to our web site that is important.  Well over 43,000 visitors see our site in an average month and of them 50% are return visitors.  

Why not place your product where it will be seen?  If you would like to have your hypnosis related product included in our online shopping cart simply fill out the form below.  If your product meets our approval we will contact you with the compete details and we look forward to promoting your product in one of the busiest Hypnosis sites online.


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*   Small print: In most cases we will request to see a sample of the product before we will allow it to be listed.  We reserve the final decision as to what products will be included and at what mark up.  Normally we try to keep the shop prices the same as any posted advertising for your same product.  We reserve the right to refuse or remove any product for any reason whatsoever. 
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