150+ Hypnotherapy Scripts on CD-ROM


Edited By Dr. James Squires (ACH) Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Instructor.

Instant Download version for Word - Published and Printed APRIL 2004

Latest revised version - Published and Printed MARCH 2004

Original release - May 2000

Available on CDROM, Instant Download (Word or Text format) or in 3-Ring Binder Hard Copy.


So much information we had to put it all on a CD-ROM.  Perhaps the only book of scripts you will ever need. Why?  Because you can open them on your PC and edit them to suite your personal needs, right from the Word or Text file and save them in your own style.   

Suggestions, Inductions, Convincers, Deepeners, Therapies, Awakenings and more.  Written in plain text files and Microsoft Word� format for the PC and ready to send to your printer or use from the screen of your PC.  Includes multi-session weight-loss scripts, smoking, phobias, wealth, health, success, learning, etc.   Pre-session Inventory worksheets and Planning forms included on the CD-ROM.  Much more. 

Now available fast by Instant Download in zip file format.  Just pick either "Text" or "Word" format and unzip the files with any standard unZip program.  You can download the WinZip� program from here for free.  Both the "Text" and "Word" formats are available on the full version on CD-ROM. 

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