150+ Hypnotherapy Scripts on CD-ROM


Edited By Dr. James Squires (ACH) Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Instructor.

Instant Download version for Word - Published and Printed APRIL 2004

Latest revised version - Published and Printed MARCH 2004

Original release - May 2000

Available on CDROM, Instant Download (Word or Text format) or in 3-Ring Binder Hard Copy.


	Convince - Tests for Hypnotic Depth of Trance
		Arm Up Test
		Eye Catalepsy Test
		Eye Test
		Signs of Trance
		Spinning Hands Test
	Deepen - Techniques for Deepening Trace
		Eye Technique
		Re-induction Eye Open Close
		Relaxation Method 1
		Relaxation Method 2
		Staircase Method
		Stairs Technique
		Stiff Arm Method
	Exercises - Relaxation Exercises
		Breathe The Colors Of The Rainbow
		Breathing Exercise
		Cognitive Imagery
		Emptying The Mind
		Guided Meditation And Visualization Exercise
		Insecurity And Inadequacy
		The Lemon Meditation
		Meditation On Stopping The War Within
		Positive Thoughts
		Power Of Positive Thinking
		Relaxation Exercise
		Yoga Meditation
	Forms - Various Forms for office use
		Client Information Form
		Hunger Scale 
		Ideal Weight Inventory 
		Meal Timetable 
		Preliminary Interview 
		See Hear Feel Checklist 
		Stop Smoking Interview 
		Stop Smoking Inventory 
		Weight Loss Interview 
		Weight Loss Inventory
		Weight-Eating Checklist
	Inductions - Scripts for Induction
		Analytical Chalk Technique
		Analytical Induction 7-2
		Analytical Induction Technique
		Arm Levitation Method I
		Arm Levitation Method II
		Arm-Drop Method 
		Association Method
		Confusion Method
		Creating Mental Nothingness
		Dave Elman Method
		Direct Gaze Method
		Dr Flowers Induction
		Drop Object Method
		Embarking On A Journey
		Fixation Object
		Fixation Object
		Method Of Conditioning
		Hand Shake Method
		Hand To Face Method
		Hands Closing Together I
		Hands Closing Together II
		Hands Pressing Down Method 
		Instantaneous Method
		Method Of Conditioning
		Misdirection Method
		Mountain Trip Method
		Non-Verbal Method I
		Non-Verbal Method II
		Progressive Relaxation Technique
		Quick Induction Technique
		Rapid Finger Spot Method
		Rapid Induction Technique
		Rapid Method Permissive I
		Rapid Method Permissive II
		Seedman Induction Technique
	Inductions Children 
		Children Bionic Arm Method
		Children Eye Fixation
		Children Favorite Place Method
		Children Magic Shape Method
		Children Magic Television Method
		Children Make Believe Friend Method
		Children Rapid Method
		Children Television Imagination Method
	Scripts - Scripts
		Aids Session 1
		Aids Session 2
		Alcohol Session 1
		Alcohol Session 2 
		Alcohol Session 3
		Alcohol Session 4
		Anger Or Temper
		Angina Pectoris
		Awaken Termination
		Awakening Process
		Becoming The Light
		Body Temperature Control
		Bruxism Grinding Teeth
		Building A Better Memory
		Bust Development Script
		Childbirth Disassociation
		Childbirth Time Distortion 
		Circle Technique
		Confidence Suggestion 1
		Confidence Suggestion 2
		Creative Abilities
		Depression 1
		Depression 2
		Depression That Was Yesterday
		Drawing Your Life Partner 
		Drug Addiction Session 1
		Drug Addiction Session 2
		Easing Someone from Your Mind
		ESP Development
		Exam Anxiety
		Forgiveness Therapy
		Frigidity Script
		Goal Accomplishment
		Good Sleep Suggestion
		Healing Room
		Healing Temple
		High Blood Pressure 
		Hypnotherapist Oath
		I Would If I Could 
		Improving Hearing 
		Inner Advisor 
		Insomnia 1
		Insomnia 2
		Library Scene 
		Making Exams Easy 
		Memory Recall at Will
		Memory Recall
		Migraine Headaches
		Nail Biting
		Non-Smoker Trance-Formation
		Number Therapy
		Pain Control
		Pain Or Anxiety As The Object 
		Pain Therapy
		Past Life Regression Therapy
		Problem Solving 
		Procrastination 1
		Procrastination 2
		Programming Suggestion
		Prosperity 1 
		Prosperity 2
		Protective Shield
		Public Speaking 
		Rainbow Garden 
		Rape Trauma 
		Reaching Your Goals 
		Reading Better
		Reading Faster 
		Recall Suggestion
		Relationship Therapy
		Secret Of Study Habits
		Self Confidence Fear 
		Self Confidence 1 
		Self Confidence 2
		Sexual Male 
		Smokers Therapy
		Smoking Addendum 
		Stop Smoking Script 1
		Stop Smoking Script 2
		Stop Smoking Script 3
		Stop Smoking Script 4
		Stop Smoking Script 5
		Study Habits 1
		Study Habits 2
		Study Habits Secrets
		Success Confidence
		Venturing Out And Moving Forward
		Weight Loss Keys
		Weight Loss Therapy
		Weight Script 1
		Weight Script 2
		Weight Script 3
		Weight Script 4
		Wellness Suggestion
	Suggest --  Tests
		Arms Suggestibility Test
		Fall Back Suggestibility Test
		Magnets Suggestibility Test
		Vise Suggestibility Test
Some fun "brain related" programs. (not included in email format)

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