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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Lady in waiting Posted - 08/05/2003 : 8:15:47 PM
I am a patient of a very well known Psychotherapist/Hynotherapist. I am a 32 year old woman who went to deal with issues..ie..depression and smoking. I have had two In-Depth sessions so far (a few one hour session for prep.) Yes, I am feeling much better and more peaceful...still need to work on the smoking and a few other things. During these sessions, I regressed to a previous lifetime. It felt very, very real. I knew names, dates, clothes etc. Is this for real? Also, my therapist stated to me that I am a "conduit"...a word I never heard of until recent. Apparently, she has had thousands of patients and a small few who have given messages about life/death and I am the very first to give her "direct" messages..to her. I barely remember my messages...only in pieces..I told her about a person to be sought, etc.
Has anyone experienced this? Since our last meeting, something inside of me feels very "attached" to her...not in a dependent way...more in a spiritual way.
18   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
ForumMaster Posted - 08/15/2003 : 3:45:10 PM
Let us all try to be a little more understanding of those who come in asking for help. Our goal here is to get people to interact not chase people away. Just because someone cannot express themselves well or may not offer enough information is not a reason to jump to any conclusions about their motives or state of mind. If after some time, we come to believe someone is just making things up to get some attention or trying to be disruptive, then we will trace their IP address and ban them from the forum. To openly accuse them in a live board is not the way to handle it and I would appreciate it if everyone would just let us moderate the group.

In this way you can just stay focused on being positive and helpful and let us deal with the problems.

If you find yourself posting comments that are more negative then positive, constructive ones then perhaps others are reporting you as a problem. Most people find this type of negativity more disruptive to the forum than the original problematic post. In most cases, the post can stand on its own and we do not really need anyone analyzing the content and offering up opinions.
n/a Posted - 08/15/2003 : 2:36:34 PM
Well said Terry--interesting though not always a fruitful subject
Terry Posted - 08/14/2003 : 6:56:18 PM
Personally, I have no problem with allowing others to believe as they wish, but I DO have a problem with those who claim that PLR is the proof of Reincarnation, there is no connection at all. I use PLR if requested by a client, and do it very efficiently, but I have no belief in Reincarnation, and make no attempt to prove to my client that there is a difference. To do so might negate any positive effects from the PLR, and for me this is one form of therapy, with no connection to reincarnation at all. However, in the process, if I happen to find a good opportunity to do so, I request that the client speak to me in the language of the supposed past life they are living, and to date, non have passed that test if the language is different to the ones they use in this life. Accents of course may be offered, but these are not sufficient proof of anything. By the same token, I have been able to identify the drivel of those who supposedly were speaking in tongues. As for books, they have little effect on my thinking since they are written for profit, and have no more relivance than the thoughts of any of you. Terry
n/a Posted - 08/13/2003 : 08:08:46 AM
Interesting,though very contraversial:past life regression in the majority of cases has no direct link with anything other than a fruitful imagination,though a minority of cases have been found to have an element of factual truth, but this is rare rather than the norm
nychlsegrl Posted - 08/13/2003 : 01:17:42 AM
You should read the book "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of souls". Both are by a hypnotist who hypnotizes people back to past lives. You learn that alot of issues that you have presently, come from past lives. Alot of the situations you have to deal with in this life are related to karma hitting you in the face from a past life. It was a very enlightening book, and helps you understand, death, life, and reasons for what you go through in the present life.
Terry Posted - 08/07/2003 : 08:44:02 AM
Please understand, you are nothing to any of us except words on a board, and how you use those words gets a reaction from others who reply. Now if you do a good job, you will get the reaction you hope for, but if for any reason, including the inability to put words together in an apropriate manner, you get a reply that makes you unhappy, better ask the question, "did I phrase that correctly so that it was not possible to be misunderstood?" or, "is this person a miserable S.O.B who chooses to be nasty?". The only way you will be able to decide this, is to read other posts from that person before you get upset. If all posts are the same, you have nothing to worry about, they have the problem. If on the other hand, they have posted good comments to other posters, then indeed you need to reevaluate how you pose a question. Your anger hurts nobody but yourself, and you fail to get any benifit. If I read something into your post which was not intended, blaming me is foolish, you composed the post, all I did was have the courtesy to read it with care. Terry
Lady in waiting Posted - 08/06/2003 : 4:03:24 PM
Thant was not directed towards Mike at all. I thought I was being helped by Terry, until his AH HA note.
Lady in waiting Posted - 08/06/2003 : 4:00:25 PM
MMMMMMMMMM...check out Terry's most recent response, then you will understand my anger. Quick, quick to pick. Do YOUR research. I will take my questions elsewhere....I don't need a good "hazing" for your club.
n/a Posted - 08/06/2003 : 3:16:54 PM
Lets go back to taping the session: find full names/surnames and check with local ancestry registers, collating dates, facts and figures.Do a little detective work and i am sure this will pay dividends for you.Obviously Terry is trying to help you and i am sure that if you enter into correspondance with him, his experience may be of some benefit to you
Lady in waiting Posted - 08/06/2003 : 12:06:28 PM
Also, because I feel I must defend myself...I came to this and another board seeking a second opinion. I cannot go to my husband of friends or parents, as they are much too narrow-minded.
To those who did advise me, thank you, I am grateful for your words. Now I will copy and paste this message on the other board so there aren't any mix-ups Terry.
Lady in waiting Posted - 08/06/2003 : 11:30:25 AM
Rude rude rude....God forbid I write on two different message boards at the same time! And just because I am not writing my experience VERBATIM>>>>>>>>>I am being called a troll. Find something better to do.
Terry Posted - 08/06/2003 : 09:54:01 AM
Ah ha, now this same poster writes to the"Accelerated Changes Technology" board but offers statements, which put a very different light on the subject. Methinks this one is a troll of some sort, though not an insulting one (G) or perhaps is not being totally honest with us. In either case, why not ask the person she is paying rather than come to a board were she has no knowledge of whom she is getting a reply from? Terry
Terry Posted - 08/06/2003 : 12:57:14 AM
Forgive my suspicious mind, but it does seem called for. The lady goes for depression and smoking, is still smoking after several sessions, but has been regressed to past lives without being asked if she wanted this?Practitioner is writing a book?!! Now if I am reading correctly, the lady is paying for help, but is being used as a test victim for passages in a book from which she will reap no profit, but is paying for the privilege of being in a chapter, while she claims that she desires no publicity. This seems like a case for fraud charges against the practitioner. Terry
Lady in waiting Posted - 08/05/2003 : 9:57:37 PM
Lets also say, this doctor writes a book, I would not want to be named...I am in no way seeking publicity...I just want some truth. She validated the messages I gave her and I know Nothing about her.
Lady in waiting Posted - 08/05/2003 : 9:52:04 PM
Okay, well I was a boy, named Tommy. I was skinny, wearing a dirty white undershirt, dark, dirty knickers....sitting in an old wooden schoolroom on a wooden chair with a tiny desk attached. I was sitting alone amoungst many empty desks as I was in rouble for throwing stones at the girls during "playtime"...I recall laughing out loud.......I saw my teacher staring at me through round little glasses at the front of the room, next to her desk. She glared. She was holding a rather large text book. She had her hair pulled tightly in a bun, wore a light blue dress with a very high collar. Then my doctor told me to go to the time of my death....I found myself a rather heavy old man laying in a tiny iron bed. The room was lit by candlelight and my grown daughters standing at the foot of the bed wearing long nite-gowns. There were also family members at either side of me when I took my last breath. It was VERY VERY real. I am an original NY girl, married with kids and am a homemaker. I do not hold a college degree and the only reason why I am posting, is because I am looking for some kind of truth....
n/a Posted - 08/05/2003 : 9:27:58 PM
For example
If you are truly regressed to a previous lifetime,where you e.g man or woman-did you speak in a different accent, for this would indeed be the case if your scenario were to be genuine
Lady in waiting Posted - 08/05/2003 : 9:22:30 PM
and then what?
n/a Posted - 08/05/2003 : 9:15:13 PM
When in a hypnotic session make sure that you tape record the whole session so that you can then check for yourself to see the validity of such a scenerio
Then report back

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