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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Michelle Posted - 02/13/2006 : 8:34:48 PM
Hello all,

I am from Australia and have just joined your group. I was hoping someone would have a script on Past Life Regression. I have a few but was hoping for something a little different and have a client tomorrow, with no time to sit and write one unfortunately.

Your help would be much appreciated......Michelle.....

30   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
hypknomark Posted - 12/21/2009 : 5:09:21 PM
Gil tells it like it is, he has many years of experience as a hypnotherapist as well as a hypnosis instructor. He makes a good point and cuts to the chase. I am surprised he posted in here, since he does not work with past life regression, though his point about the script is meaningful.

Patrick is an experienced and knowledgable hypnotherapist and he also has a good point. Many of us are here to help and share what we can about hypnosis, after all that's the topic at hand here, isn't it?
spoon1 Posted - 08/23/2009 : 05:10:14 AM
Originally posted by patrickg

Hello Mattser,

I wanted to clarify my statement regarding abreactions. They can cause problems IF the hypnotist is not properly trained (and/or when done w/o a hypnotist there).

In my practice I use abreactions as a tool.

Thanks to both of you for all of the good information!
patrickg Posted - 08/22/2009 : 12:31:13 AM
Hello Mattser,

I wanted to clarify my statement regarding abreactions. They can cause problems IF the hypnotist is not properly trained (and/or when done w/o a hypnotist there).

In my practice I use abreactions as a tool.
Mattser Posted - 08/21/2009 : 10:38:38 PM
Originally posted by spoon1

Thank you for your prompt reply, Patrick! What if I'm using it more as a means of satisfying curiosity and less of a means to deal with emotional issues? The $80 or so per hour that PLR specialists in my area charge is somewhat prohibitive presently.

Hi Spoon--

While I agree with Patrick's contention that the likelihood of a pre-recorded session being as effective as an in-person session is slim, based on my experience I do believe that pre-recorded sessions can still be quite valuable. Patrick and others on this forum also point out the potential dangers of past life regression in general, and PLR therapy in particular, and I cannot deny that abreactions occur, nor that some memories that PLR subjects describe are almost certainly fabricated. However, the experiences I've had, as well as those of many of my clients, have intrigued me greatly, and I believe there is much to be said for the desire to explore the process yourself and determine on your own what, if any, validity there is to it.

If you're still interested, I'd invite you to my website, www.pastlifeanswers.com, to take a look at several progressive sessions we've made available for download for anyone who is curious about this process. I certainly can't make any promises or guarantees about what you'll find, but I can at least speak for the quality and objectivity of what we offer.

Good luck with your exploration!

Matt Winfree
patrickg Posted - 08/14/2009 : 11:28:10 PM
$80/hr is cheap, or, they are not in very high demand.

Doing something like this on your own runs the risk of abreaction. Though it's a low risk, as a professional, it would be irresponsible to ignore the risk.

Also, if just satisfying your curiosity... in my mind, doing this on your own will very likely allow doubt to remain in some form... - if your mind made it up; if the wording of the recording contained too much leading; if it did not give you results... etc, etc... too many variables.... especially with something like this.

I sell download hypnosis programs for weight, smoking and stress. And even though I like to sell them, I state in my marketing material, the best results are with a live session. While that doesn't help me sell stuff, I state that because it's true. As it also is in this case.

Mind you, I don't recommend PLR anyway. My work doesn't go there and doesn't need to. But, the same principles apply. :)
spoon1 Posted - 08/14/2009 : 10:59:43 PM
Thank you for your prompt reply, Patrick! What if I'm using it more as a means of satisfying curiosity and less of a means to deal with emotional issues? The $80 or so per hour that PLR specialists in my area charge is somewhat prohibitive presently.
patrickg Posted - 08/14/2009 : 7:54:54 PM
If you're using it for hypno"therapy", get a live session, not a recorded program.

You will be much happier.
spoon1 Posted - 08/14/2009 : 7:46:33 PM
Hello everyone! This is quite the volatile line of conversation! I know that this is a contentious and hotly-debated specialty in the world of hypnotherapy, but I can't help but to be extremely fascinated by the idea of delving into one's past lives, both for personal growth and for possible proof of some sort of spiritual framework beyond our daily existence.

I hope I don't incite any short tempers by asking this question: for those of you who do find some value, if not validity, in PLR, what do you think about downloadable sessions? I've seen some decent websites and am curious what criteria you would use to judge a particular session's quality before potentially making a purchase.

patrickg Posted - 06/21/2009 : 9:36:27 PM
This is only your third post here, and all three are aimed at voicing your negative opinion of others without wanting your motivations/opinions questioned.

I'm beginning to think you've had some bad experiences elsewhere that you've brought here.

Otherwise, from what you've shown so far, you fall into the category of 'forum troll'.
edonmark Posted - 06/21/2009 : 6:36:35 PM
Turning this around on me and my opinions is not the issue here. The attitude of persons in this group is the issue however. Im not going to defend or discuss my opinions or my own very successful business I do not feel I need too do that. I am not questioning anyones abilities its the attitude used to deal with a member of the group who needed advice and not humiliating by professional people who should know better.
patrickg Posted - 06/21/2009 : 5:22:37 PM
Too cute, edonmark : )

That was my first post in this thread. So by "justify your behavior" I can only assume you are either grouping me in with anyone else you disagree with, or like to argue.

By your marketing it appears you specialize in past life regression. Can anyone pick up a past life regression script and provide a quality client experience with no other preparation?

Why did you not halt your righteous indignation long enough to offer Michelle a script?

What is your motivation here?
edonmark Posted - 06/21/2009 : 5:03:00 PM
As I expected and predicted, justify your behavior by attempting to pass the buck.
patrickg Posted - 06/21/2009 : 11:03:59 AM
The attitude is more around the presumption by some that getting a script is an acceptable replacement for appropriate training. It is not.

The original poster has not used a past life regression process before and believes having a script qualifies her to charge a client for this service. It does not.

If someone has training and requests a script, I very often send them. If someone has no training and offers money, I do not.

rbtshrink - asking for a script is VERY far from seeking out professional consultation.

edonmark - you've countered the pompous attitude with your own. grats. : )
edonmark Posted - 06/21/2009 : 06:43:29 AM
Really I cannot believe this thread. The whole thread has the feel of a secret society trying its hardest to stop anyone joining. Why not just give advice if that's what Michelle is asking for? Aggressive and pompous attitudes just deter people who are new to hypnotherapy, or is this what you guys are trying to do? No doubt you will come back with some pompous reply, all I can say is that there are lots of other sites folks, let these guys fester and go and find a site where genuine people offer genuine advice and will encourage you rather than discourage you. Good luck!
P.S. I have no doubt what so ever that if you had offered payment for a script you would have been inundated !
rbtshrink Posted - 06/19/2009 : 6:59:03 PM
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have been practicing psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for over 30 years. Even with this experience, I still believe I have an OBLIGATION to my clients to seek out professional consultation or supervision when I am dealing with an issue or disorder that is new to me. I also provide the same service to my colleagues, both those who have been practicing as long as I and especially those new to the profession.

I think Michelle's request for help indicates a professional who cares for and wants the best for her clients. To deny her, or worse, belittle her for asking for these professional courtesies strike me as the TRUE ethical problem...and it does not belong to her.
Ladyjo Posted - 05/15/2009 : 08:18:35 AM
Thank you for your comments it is truly appriciated.
Ive joined this site purely due to my interests in Hypnotherapy, and to try and gain a little more from other experts.
I cannot wait to become qualified, so I can set up my pratice with my trainer (he wants to work with me) which is great for me, as I know that even when qualified I will still have a lot to learn, so I can pick his brains on occasions.
Past Life Regression to be honest is a fascinating subject to me, but Im not altogether sure it is real, as I have never had it done to me YET!! maybe in a few more months I can come back and say what I feel!
Anyway Looking forward to getting to know everyone
Matrixman Posted - 05/14/2009 : 2:00:12 PM
Hi Ladyjo

Welcome to the site an I am sorry if some of the message come over a little harsh- and you are right at times, our members can be a little blunt, not to worry thou, 98% of the replies are typically well received with the odd small percent that get a little well less encouraging-

While your doing your training, it is best it first approach your trainer, as that way he or she can tie your questions into the training, and this will keep you focused, and within the scope and framework of the training your doing, once you have completed your training your trainer should encourage your to seek and learn with many different other hypnotherapy schools, over time.

Yet if your really curious- then ask away- and hopeful you will get a few nice replies, please make use of the site search function, as well have a lot of the most common questions covered.

I am Jay By the way and I am a moderators and I am based in the UK, if you need anything please feel free to ask anything in the forum and or send me a PM and I'll be happy tp try and get you the best information I can.

Once again Welcome and thank you for taking the time to contribute.

Jay aka Matrixman

Ladyjo Posted - 05/14/2009 : 1:06:17 PM
Whoa!!! Well I am a learning newbie at the moment, studying with a top Hypnotherapist in Newcastle England, and have come across this site by accident, and find it harsh!! I mean to say Im not in practise yet, Im waiting to qualify and be on the register, but the script for PLR was very informative for me, I have not done PLR yet, but hoping to do so the next few weeks.
I hope I do not get the reaction if I ask questions?? maybe some should try self hypnosis for Anger lol!!!
Sorry couldnt resist that!! but as a newbie learning, all information I recieve is my learning curve, along with all my friends and family who act as my guinea pigs, this is done under supervision of course, so please dont berate me if I ask a stupid question, or should I keep that for my trainer??
melindarose1982 Posted - 01/26/2009 : 03:24:24 AM
Originally posted by mark-gil

(quote)I was hoping someone would have a script on Past Life Regression.I have a client tomorrow, with no time to sit and write one unfortunately.(end quote)

You say you have no time. WRONG! You have the same amount of time as
everyone else on the planet--24 hours each day.
Maybe you can't find time. Wrong again! Time never gets lost.
What I hear you saying is, "I will not set a priority to USE
a specific period of time in service to the client. I refuse to prepare in advance--I will ask for a script on the Forum and if I don't get one, I'll just fake it and pocket the fee."
My personal opinion is that this is unethical and unprofessional.

I think you are to harsh. You do not know there personal life and they might be caught in a tight spot with family stuff. The point of forums is to discuss and share what works for you and hope to learn from others. I can't stand people with your negative attiude and I think that is not professional.
Meoow Posted - 11/14/2008 : 5:46:12 PM
Krispy, I am with you.
I respect your helping manner and I appreciate your point of view. Newbies make mistakes and always need help. But what they need is encouragement and guidiance, not offensive comments. Main point: newbies make mistakes, we've all been one.
Has someone forgotten one of the most important factors to be a good hypnotherapist is one's passion in helping others? Or is it really that sometimes experiences do make things worse in some ways?
scotcausesdeepsleep Posted - 06/19/2008 : 03:12:09 AM
I know this is a bit after the fact but,
I had some trouble getting signed up.

I think this should be used directly after a basic induction
I hope this helps!
Regression Script

Release the weight of your body into the support of the floor/bed.

Notice how your back makes contact with the support of the floor/bed.

Relax the back of your legs....the back of your hips....your lower back, middle back, and upper back.

Feel the weight and relaxation of the back of your body sinking through the floor/bed. Relax the back of your shoulders / the back of your arms / the back of your neck / and the back of your head.

Wiggle and make any adjustments needed to relax the back of your body into the ground more fully. Melt into the support of the floor/bed completely.

Now, notice the weight of your body.

Notice the weight of your legs, as they rest on the floor. Let your legs be heavy. Let your thighs, feet and toes relax. Release, relax, let go of them completely. Let your legs drift and float and now forget about them.

Notice the weight of your hips and pelvis, as they rest on the floor/bed. Let the weight of your pelvis sink into the floor/bed.

Notice the weight of your rib cage. Let the back ribs melt into the floor/bed. Feel your abdomen expand with each inhalation. As you exhale, let the belly fully contract. Like a giant balloon inflating and completely deflating. Relaxing deeper with each deep breath.

Notice the weight of your shoulders and arms, as they rest on the floor/bed. Let your arms be so heavy that they sink through the floor/bed. Then release them completely. Let go. Let them drift and float away and then forget about them.

Notice the weight of your head, as it rests on the floor/bed. Let the head be heavy. Feel your neck and throat release and relax.

Relax the muscles of your face / relax your eyes and eyelids / your cheeks melt into relaxation / release, relax, let go of your jaw / your forehead and eyebrows smooth and relaxed / feel your scalp melt into relaxation. Your whole head and face totally relaxed, released.

Become aware of your breathing. Notice each inhalation relaxing the front of your body, and each exhalation relaxing the whole back of your body. Breathing slow, deep and then let it go.

Breathing the body deeper and deeper into relaxation as you drift and float in peace.

Close your eyes if not already closed.

Imagine and Picture you are at the top of a staircase

There are 10 safe steps down to deep relaxation

Counting backwards (either aloud or in your mind) from 10 as you go down each stair

Breathe through your nose filling the abdomen and exhale completely through your mouth as you go down each stair

Feeling safe and secure starting down the stairs now. / 10

Going down and breathing down. Down another stair now / 9

Release, (slight pause) relax, (slight pause) let go /8

Feeling more and more relaxed and peaceful as I go down each stair / 7

Down, (slight pause) down, (slight pause) down / 6

Every muscle, cell and atom of my body melts into relaxation / 5

I am so comfortable, so relaxed I am no longer aware of having this body. / 4

Going down and breathing deeper down / 3

Breathing deep and relaxing deeper / 2

Down, (slight pause) down, (slight pause) down / 1

I am at the bottom of the stairs Releasing, (slight pause) Relaxing, (slight pause) Letting go

I turn around, look at the staircase and it fades, melts disappears. It is gone and I feel confident and secure

Look around imagine, picture a path.

Notice what the path is made of and follow it.

Notice what is around your path. Grass, flowers, sand, trees, birds, animals, mountains, water etc. (If you are not visually gifted, imagine what you like to see.)

Engage all your senses. What do you smell? What textures are around you? Do you feel sunlight, a breeze? Are there sounds?

You are totally safe and protected as you follow this path. Stroll around looking around for awhile.

Eventually you notice a gate.

When you are in front of the gate look up in the sky, you notice your name written in the sky in clouds. As you watch, the clouds dissolve as clouds do. The sky is clear and your name is gone. You feel comfortable with this.

Reach for the door of the gate, open it and pass through to a past life experience.

(You can take whatever life pops in or ask for a specific life. For instance say and know I now pass into the life where I learn about ______________________)

(Whatever comes to mind, accept and go with the flow as if its an imagination game. There will be clues that assure you of the value of what you get.)

Look at your feet. What types of covering, if anything, are on your feet? Gradually move your awareness up your body noticing what clothing you have on.

Look around you, what are surroundings like? (Remember just go with your first impression. If things are vague, move over for a closer look.)

If you havent yet noticed anyone else there, look around for other people. (In some cases it is possible that you are the only one there.) Notice what other people are wearing and doing. If you want to, approach the others and ask questions. (Nothing there can bother you now and clues there can help with issues in the present. If you dont like what is around you ask for the lesson in it to go to another scene.)

Ask yourself things youd like to know. Such as what is my name, what year is it, what is this location called.

Tell your mind to show you the happiest time you experienced in that lifetime. Personally I prefer to skip the death but you can ask for that scene. You can ask to go to the space in between lives.

I like to end by asking for the most important lesson learned in that lifetime. The answer is usually a word or phrase rather than a particular scene as it sums up the entire life.

When finished you can just open your eyes or you can return to the gate you entered lifetime and go back through.

(Thirty minutes is long enough to spend on this script. Make notes as soon as possible.)

HypnoDoc Posted - 10/30/2006 : 12:57:57 AM
"Learning by experience is much more educational than learning consciously... Learning experientially is the most important thing."

Milton H. Erickson, M.D.
HypnoDoc Posted - 10/24/2006 : 12:06:35 AM

You may want to email Gil direct for that information. Click on his name in any of the posts, that will take you to his profile and then hit the email link.
John Posted - 10/21/2006 : 12:07:59 AM
Hello Gil,

I read in your post that there are 3 schools in China. Would you mind giving me more details please? I'm from Canada and I'm in China at the moment, and will be here for a while. I'd be interested in having training.

Thank you,
anthony Posted - 05/19/2006 : 10:23:56 PM
No Krispy, you are NOT a newbie, you are much worse. A newbie knows little and admits it. You have chosen to read enough to be dangerous, and then set up in practise. I will not berate you, I think you a fool, but what you do is your business except when you come here asking for advice that you should already have before entering into practise. Can I suggest that if you found out that the local doctor was self taught, you would have a problem with it, and attempt to find someone else? Would you let him perform an operation on you? If not, why not? The books he read are very good books, used by student doctors during their days as University. Hell man, he has the same knowledge, gained from the same source. How about your local dentist, after all I can and have removed teeth via hypnosis you know. Would you feel comfortable with me removing your teeth? No pain I assure you. I won't guarantee that the new tooth will grow in straight, since I am not a trained dentist.... See, if your perception of hypnosis is scewed, and your perception of Gil and I, the highly trained ones is so low, why should we feel OK about passing on information that might make you even more dangerous... If you are happy with trading information with the others just like you, so be it, but Gil and I will not be involved because we know better...
mark-gil Posted - 05/19/2006 : 5:49:46 PM
Hello Krispy, I have no desire or need to ridicule you. I am the Executive Director of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, a non-profit professional organization that sets standards for training in and practice
of hypnotherapy. Formed in 1980, we now have more than 11,000 certified members in 39 countries. In addition, we approve Hypnotherapy training Institutes that met the established training standards for certification.
Currently, we have approved 42 schools in America and abroad including three in China. For school approval we require a minimum of 300 classroom hours in a school approved by the state Board of Education with a teacher/trainer approvesd by ACHE AND THE STATE.
I stand opposed to anyone practicing hypnotherapy whose information came only from books and similar sources, since they freely disseminate their questions to the wind and accept virtually any response they generate. Books are supplememts to live training. For more than thirty years, I stood in front of students and lectured, demonstated with students, supervised their practice, showed live therapy films, answered thousands of questions and led discussions.
In addition. students purchased and studied numerous books as well.
You link my name with Anthony's name as if we were one. I have never met or talked with Anthony--I know from his posts that he is knowledgeable and has many years of experience. I often agree with his posts but not always and vice versa. He is his man and I am mine.
When you wish to respond to my words, use my name only and I can respond in kind.
Finally, only about 5% of the readers of this forum ever post to it. The information diseminated here is read by thousnds who draw conclusions from it. I feel a responsibility to speak my views whenever I deem it necessary.
Krispy Posted - 05/19/2006 : 3:35:53 PM

I am what you (Anthony-Gil) would consider a newbie. I am entirely self taught and all of my "experience" is through reading and sessions I conduct with people who are completely aware of my skill level. Each and every session I perform is (at this time) done, first and foremost with the comfort and safety of my subject in mind. I DO NOT have the benefit of 50+ years experience and I can not claim the honor of a multitude of letters behind my name, but I can tell you that I am good at what I do. (Albeit, I have not dealt with anything more than issues such as bad habits, unsubstantiated fears and personal improvement) This is a decision I made for myself, simply because I do feel that to deal with the "potential" issues that "can" crop up while conducting sessions with more serious subject material, a responsible hypnotherapy practitioner should have some background training - even if this is an associates in psychology at your local community college. At this time I do not have this, (the reason for which I will not state here) and that is why "I" do not practice certain therapies.

That said:

There are times when I need help. (As evident in one of my earlier posts "Phobias/Fears") I am appreciative for all of your input, and in the end it did help me make a decision on my course of action. However, just because a person asks for help, does NOT mean they are incompetent. I will be the first to tell you that I do NOT know everything, and compare to many of you out there with all the experience you have I probably know "less than anything", but my success rate tells me that I am doing something right. Even with all of your "years" I still put forth that you can learn something new every day.

All I'm trying to infer here is that when a person asks for help (especially in this profession) it is better to give them a courteous (even if short) answer as opposed to a harsh criticism. (Unless it is obviously deserved)

I think Michelle is much newer at this than she wants to admit. In my (humble) opinion I believe that this may be her first attempt at regression (and maybe hypnosis). If this is so, she was seeking out "quality" help/information and I think (if this is the case) she should be given kudos for that. If I am right, perhaps she did not know where to begin, hence why she came here. Her subject may have been interested in this and she (possibly with short notice) was seeking a way to fulfill her obligation. Now, if this is the case I do not think she should be doing regression if only because there is the chance of abreaction. This is the main reason I have not used regression therapy in my sessions. In any event, I DO think she should have allowed herself more time to prepare. A little research and creativity would give her all she needed. I don't know that I am right, but that is the feel I got when reading her post.
I do not know what her skill level is. I must assume that, despite my suspicions, she is skilled enough to perform this type of session and deal with any situation that may arise.

I would ask you to remember back when you started. How did it feel to you to be doing something new, and how would you have felt if someone had torn into you like that? One of the major hurdles a new hypnotherapist has to overcome is own self doubt. "Can I do this", "Can I help this person", "How should I phrase this", "What method should I use". A multitude of unanswered questions, simply because this person has not "gained" the experience that will come with time.

I know I risk ridicule form both of you, but as you said. . . This is a forum for the free expression of ideas. . . and. . . I can take it.
anthony Posted - 05/19/2006 : 2:23:53 PM
Ray, your perception of me is yours, and I grant you that right, just as I claim the right to perceive you as I do. That after all, is the right of every free person. What I do have a problem with is your attitude that Gil and I have limited rights on this board, such being that we must only post what leaves you comfortable and happy. I find this rather strange considering that you have never contributed here, and paid nothing to join, so from whence comes this right or power? I confess, I had assumed from your first post, that you would not be visiting here any more, so we would have no need to communicate again. Since this is not so, and since you wish to continue to post, may I suggest that we can both be happy in that you will not read my posts, and I will not read yours. Is that fair? See, I will grant you all the rights you are honestly entitled to, but not those to which you have no claim, so it is up to you, I have no problem since I don't visit to gain information, but to offer it. You I imagine are here to get, and my suggestion will hamper you, since you will be forced to ignore posts from the persons most likely to have the information you need, but sadly, that is the price of equal rights.. Gil and I are capable of helping those who are honest, and those who help themselves, but we are not willing to let our beloved art be impuned by those making claims they have no right to, ie that they are skilled enough to work with the public, wnen in fact they are not. When joining a board such as this, expect to find liers and cheats, there are always those who promote themselves beyond their real skills, and we are very good at spotting them. Yes we can be wrong, but rarely are, because we know what a skilled practitioner should know before imposing themselves on the public. You do not as you so amply demonstrate, so quite frankly, you are out of your depth when it comes to deciding who should reply, and what should be said.
mark-gil Posted - 05/19/2006 : 11:03:24 AM
Ray, Ask any licensed mental health worker if they use past life regression as a therapy tool.
Ninety eight per cent will laugh in your face.
HypnoDoc--- Are we to interpret the quote you posted to mean that anything and everything can be learned through experience only. If so, I strongly disagree! If it were true we could dispense with all schools, colleges, universities, teachers, mentors and coaches. Please expand upon the theme.
Ray Posted - 05/19/2006 : 06:39:56 AM
Gil and Anthony - How can you tell me that someone asking for a patter script on past life regression is "obviously untrained"? Did they deserve what you two dished out? No. They were asking for help and both of you stomped on them. Maybe I am a little sensitive (fragile?)to that type of thing, as you suggest. I think the world would be a better place if more people spoke out when they see that type of thing. Anthony, I've seen your type on listserves before. If you are going to rip me for something I didn't do or intend to do, please try to be civil about it.


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Instant Hypnosis with instant download MP3, or CD, cassette, secure site, top selling series...




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  Depth of Trance:  Discussion on depth of trace..."

Hypnosis in the News
  All the latest Hypnosis News - up to the minute listings...

Hypnosis for the people
  "All doctors should know how to perform hypnotherapy on their patients, according to a US expert." BBC News Online

Let's make it personal
  The next best thing to one-on-one Hypnosis!  "Relax, Listen and ____ with Hypnosis" audio programs are now available in a custom format created just for you... 

Forensic Hypnosis
  "Under hypnosis, a witness to Lori's abduction remembered most of the license plate and a description of the car..."

NLP Hypnosis Story Based
  "...has been intricately conceived to liberate the positive, life-transforming energy of your deeper mind!"

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