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 EKG induction

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
enner Posted - 03/18/2005 : 12:28:44 PM
Has anybody heard of the EKG induction? (do a search on google)
It is claimed to be a unique hypnosis induction that is effective on 98% of people. It is also claimed to very quickly produce a deep hypnotic trance but it is not promoted as a rapid induction technique. The only problem is they want $200 for the video to learn it. I want to know what others think first before I think about buying it.
19   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Bobby Posted - 10/23/2005 : 11:40:23 AM
Hi , just came across this on some yahoo group and thought it may clear up a few things .

- I watched his so-called "superior" DVD, it was straight Elman
and his delivery was awful and it took him seven minutes to deliver
the patter which should only take three to four . . . it was
awwwwwfulllllll). :-)

Here is a bit from a post on the EKG Induction training that has a bit
more information posted to the Hypnosis Technique Exchange

"I have attended Geoffrey Ronnings Hypnosis Stage Training in Las
Vegas Nevada where among many other valuable lessons he taught the
EKG induction. Geoff calls it the EKG induction where E - stands
for Dave Elman, K - for Gerald Kein, and G- for Geoffrey Ronning. It
is very much like the Elman induction, some of the steps of the
Elman induction are done in a different sequence in the EKG induction.
The induction contains built in convincers, deepeners, compounding of
suggestions and the ability to loop back - much like the Elman
induction. I use this induction in my stage shows as well as in my
office where it works very well. For the stage shows the induction
gives the audience something in which they can follow. The idea is to
entertain the audience. On stage the induction can take from 5 - 12
minutes, and produces a very deep level of hypnosis, one that can be
translated into the subjects responding excellently to suggestions
given." -
HypnoDoc Posted - 10/15/2005 : 4:37:05 PM
IMHO - If we can keep even one kid off EKG then we have made the world a better place.
ForumMaster Posted - 10/15/2005 : 03:43:20 AM

I can see of no where within this thread where anyone has suggested that you are affiliated with the seller of the product. That possibility was suggested by me in an email to SHAMlyn when I asked him not to spam our forum - so perhaps you have been comparing notes with him, I don't know.

What seemed odd to me was the posting of the exact same paragraph - exact same wording, cut and paste into two Hypnosis forums, both by you. Then on the heels of that post here, Shamlyn came in with a post (his first post ever here) suggesting that there was a very valuable thread on this in another forum that was a "must read" - and he provided a link to the other forum. There was nothing new in the other forum on the subject - just pretty much the same as here - so this link was deleted. This is the censorship which he keeps mentioning. It appeared that this was an attempt to not only promote the product but also get a link to the other forum. In today's Internet, for those that don't know, having links between similar topics helps them gain higher standing in some search engines. This appeared to be an attempt to use the two forums high rankings as an attempt to promote the product and cross link.

We get enough advertising in our day to day lives - we don't need to be getting any extra subliminal feeds in our forum too. The great thing is now when people do the Google on the EKG induction (as you suggest) they will see this thread, right there in the middle of those web sites that are selling it.

Hope this clarifies things a bit.
anthony Posted - 10/14/2005 : 10:17:38 PM
Enner, I imagine you were caught in the crossfire, but no matter. You asked the question, and though I know nothing of the circumstances, I do ask you WHY you feel you should pay for an induction? You see, and no insult intended, anyone who is unable to craft an induction for an individual client, should not be in practise. If you are not in practise, why pay anyway. Inductions are normally free, and intended to act as a guide to the new student who is practising to be better. I have no comment at all about this specific induction, it may well be an excellent one, but the best is limited, and limiting to the user. If you were introduced to hypnosis through training, you should have several inductions at your command, and if not, I guess you will be paying out at every turn for failing to get a proper training in the first place, but at least you should know that paying for an induction is stupid.. I don't know the poster who is creating the problem, and I don't know you, but I certainly DO know hypnosis and how to practise it, so my comments are valid, and not just hot air. Do it right, or don't do it at all. For free inductions, look on any board, and then attempt to understand the basis for all inductions, so that you can formulate your own....
enner Posted - 10/13/2005 : 2:58:32 PM
Can I just say I am the person who originaly asked the question about the EKG induction. It has been suggested I am some way affiliated with the seller of the product. Can I just say that is not true. I posted the question on 2 different hypnotherapy boards so I could try and get an answer for my question.

I accidently stumbled on the EKG induction while surfing the net. I think as hypnotherapists we are constantly learning new things. I thought the claims for the EKG induction sounded interesting. Like everybody else I thought $200 was a high price for one induction. So I tried to find out if it was worth the $200 that was being asked. It is a simple as that. I was not (and I am still not) prepared to pay out $200 for a method that may of been rubbish. I was merely doing some market research before buying.
shamlyn Posted - 10/13/2005 : 2:40:00 PM
Originally posted by mark-gil

Shamlyn,Is this your marketing strategy or are you preparing for Chapter eleven? GB

I have to confess, I don't fully understand the subtleties of this entry.

Guess it's a States-side thing. My being in the UK, any subtle meaning behind this Chapter 11 thing passes over my head. An explanation would be nice, but is not expected.

There were negative opinions posted early in this thread and I wanted to share that this was not my experience and I posted my own positive opinion in return.

As with most the materials, books, audio, video, that I have in my library, if someone posted a strong negative opinion of something that I have a good and positive experience of, then I am prepared to air that positive opinion.

Hey I respect that you all have your own varied opinions on this. Likewise I have mine. I'm quite happy to agree to disagree, in a positive way of course.

In Light
mark-gil Posted - 10/13/2005 : 1:14:04 PM
Shamlyn,Is this your marketing strategy or are you preparing for Chapter eleven? GB
shamlyn Posted - 10/13/2005 : 12:44:25 PM

There are not continued claims that my posts are being censored. As it stands the count of this claim in this forum thread is One.

The rest of my claims of censorship have been censored !!!!!

In Light
mark-gil Posted - 10/13/2005 : 11:55:48 AM
OK Shamlyn, We have your message!
Your opinion has been registered five times on this forum alone.. You have never posted here on any other topic. You continue to try to refute the opinions of those who won't agree with you and try to put them into categories. You continue to claim you posts are censored or deleted . I do not believe it. Can't you see the ill-will you are creating for yourself and for the miracle-product? Experienced practicioners on this forum do not suffer fools gladly.
When potential buyers are confused, they don't buy!
Gil Boyne
shamlyn Posted - 10/13/2005 : 07:51:52 AM

Hi all,

I'm not a victim of any sort here. I don't know why you may think this.

I have nothing to gain over this and I have nothing to loose.

Like the earlier posts both from myself and others, I am stating a personal opinion. Some have stated that they do not agree with the marketing and pricing of a product. As a purchaser of said product, my experience is different. I like it and I am expressing the fact that I think it's good. For me it has had value.

I'm not claiming any "right or wrong" or "this is better than that". I have an equally strong positive opinion on the DVDs as those who are expressing a strong negative opinion. I like them, of course it doesn't mean that anyone else has to.

I'm also so glad that I've a copy of all my original postings to this forum as the content is so being censored, especially the bits about other forums :-)

I'm am not attempting to endorse or critic any product based on any professional track record I have. I'm just expressing an opinion, humble or otherwise, what my findings are.

As you already know from the other forum Gil, I already have many of your products, from over many years, of your work. These also have value in my library. Just because I value a product or video or course, it does not automatically mean that I am endorsing it or promoting it or otherwise. As you state, there may be many hypnotists / hypnotherapists who are newly into their career within this forum. As such, I think a debate and an exchange of opinions over EKG in this manner is healthy as I'd hate to see one sided arguments being the norm.

Some negative opinions on the marketing of EKG have been stated and I'm simple responding with my own opinions which are positive towards the EKG.

Hey, so we have different opinions, such is life.
mark-gil Posted - 10/12/2005 : 3:38:36 PM
Steve, I feel that is time for you to give it up. I for one, am weary of your unending effort to continue this thread so that you can pose as a victim while all the while you continue promoting your whatever. Anthony has it exactly right and after fifty years of practice and teaching I agree with his comments about inductions. It appears that you have discerned that many who read these posts are new in the work. As such, they have an underlying insecurity about their skills. Those who prey on this insecurity for profit by selling inductions, devices with alleged mysterious powers and other hocus-pocus-mumbo-jumbo are not serving the development of this profession.
With Respect to those who Merit it! Gil Boyne
anthony Posted - 10/12/2005 : 2:22:18 PM
Steve, perhaps we both have our wires crossed, I was under what you now suggest is a wrong impression, while you were under the impression that I was knocking a method I knew nothing about. This is not correct, I was questioning the sale of an induction method, when other inductions are offered free of charge on any board. I was questioning value for money, and perhaps, the intended inference that using such an induction made the individual using it capable of being a hypnotist, which as you know is fraudulant.... I have probably a dozen inductions I designed myself, and have never offered to anyone else, yet I would never attempt to SELL these, since anyone worthy of being called a hypnotist would be capable of designing their own, and anyone not capable should not have such a tool placed in their hands to misuse. You are welcome to defend your position if you choose, but please don't be surprised if you seem to be attacked on all sides, some of us know what we are doing, and resent offers such as this, which are suspicious to say the least. Why should I pay for this one induction? What makes it so wonderful? If you are as you claim, being attacked on all sides, why are you surprised? Do you think perhaps that you are the only one who is right, and all the rest are just jealous? If so, it is not we who are the fool. I am long retired, so have no profit motive. I am highly skilled, so have no need of yet another induction method. I have in fact, no grounds for jealousy, so tell me, what is MY motive?
shamlyn Posted - 10/12/2005 : 08:21:27 AM
Hi Anthony et al.

We seem to be getting wires crossed here somehow.

I'm not referring to a "Light Machine" of any sort. I do not have any experience of "light machines" or any videos / computer programs etc. and am unable to comment. I am obviously aware that they exist.

I'm referring back to "enner"'s original posting which is referring to the "EKG Induction".

The DVDs describe the Induction and the details of the process and how to apply the induction. The DVDs are quite comprehensive.

I for one like the EKG Induction and do not think it deserves such negative comments, hence my comments about the people who are less than complimentary about the EKG Induction falling into to three categories (generalised of course, there are in fact 101 categories :-) )

Hope this clears up the debate somewhat

In Light Steve
anthony Posted - 10/11/2005 : 12:15:07 PM
Steve, you mention three typed of persons, but you left out one important group, those who are skilled and practised in the art of hypnosis, and understand that there are thousands of methods of induction. Anyone who would pay for one type only is a fool, when they can learn during proper training about many others, plus an understanding of why, how etc, which allows them to develop their own methods also, or tailor one to a particullar client. The light machine is not hypnosis, just an aid to relaxation, and can be dangerous to anyone suffering vertigo of any sort including epilepsy. As for paying out for one method of induction, anyone doing so is displaying an ignorance of what hypnosis is. The induction is easy, I or others here could teach that in half an hour, but learning how to use it properly for therapy or stage use takes a lifetime, and nobody is ready to practise for at least a year in my opinion... Naturally, you are free to disagree, but if you feel so inclined, I suggest you tell us why we shouldn't slate you for your defence of the indefencible, by telling us why we are ignorant of what this wonderfull product can do for the experienced or the budding practitioner...
shamlyn Posted - 10/10/2005 : 1:20:01 PM
From what I can see, nearly all the people who knock the EKG Induction seem to fall into three categories, those who do not know what the EKG Induction is at all, those who have witnessed somebody performing the induction (without observing or understanding the subtleties) and those who want to sell you an alternative ...."

In Light

anthony Posted - 10/03/2005 : 10:17:25 PM
There is a chain that makes all practitioners use a light and sound machine, I suspect because they make a profit off them. I once had one made for me, long before they were in production on a mass scale, and used it for research and fun. It worked just fine for what I wanted it for, but I could just as easily have used a metronome for my purposes. If you want to spend two or three hundred dollars, forget the video, and buy a machine for that price, then you can do your own experimenting..... One valid use for it by the way, is for removing migrain headaches, and for that it really does work. On the other hand, use it on someone who suffers from epilepsy, and you are likely to have a law suit on your hands....
bob kinsey Posted - 03/18/2005 : 8:02:05 PM
$200 for a video? Anthony,you are right. There is one born every minute. Don't waste your time and money with this scam. EKG? Sounds like Essentially Knowledge Garbage! In all my years of practice, nothing compares to the good ole relaxation technique. May not work everytime, but it's cheaper than $200 for a sucker buy!
anthony Posted - 03/18/2005 : 7:01:25 PM
Weeeeell, maybe when Barnum was alive it was one born every minute, now I would think it more like one every second (EG) Too much watching computer games, and too little thinking, so the brain gets lazy. There is no replacement for the human mind, and the skills it can produce when uses properly...
mark-gil Posted - 03/18/2005 : 5:02:52 PM
I have been to the web site and read the copy for the ekg induction, the light machine and the laser show. You can buy a package deal for less than six HUNDRED dollars.

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